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School Bus Gus

Written by D.J. Markuson / Designed & Illustrated by Jordan Sullivan & D.J. Markuson


School Bus Gus is the story of a little school bus who learns about self worth on a field trip.Gus's best friend, the bus driver man, and the downtown metro bus teach Gus that everyone has purpose and each person brings value to the world.


Gus’s Goal: Gus shows children that we all have special talents others may not, and we use those abilities working together, helping one another in harmony.


"We all have our ups and we all have our downs. Just remember the good things and forget all the frowns.”

Updated Second Edition Now Available!
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Happy Magic

Written by D.J. Markuson / Illustrations by Ian Olsen


Happy Magic is a wonderful children's book that teaches kids the power of positive energy while reenforcing them to brush their teeth in the process.​




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Organical Creature

Written & Illustrated by D.J. Markuson


A woman and her vegetarian creature in the woods, befriend a couple of wandering children and teach them the importance of natural health and to not judge a book by it's cover.





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