D.J. Markuson is an L.A. screenwriter and best selling children's book author.


The suburban native of Buffalo, NY, attended the Ringling College of Art & Design for Illustration in Sarasota, FL. Originally focused on traditional animation, D.J. decided a few years in, to change his trajectory towards writing and filmmaking. Today, D.J. utilizes his talented friends from art school as illustrators for his children's books.


D.J.'s break into the film industry came when Troma Entertainment's 'Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead' came to his hometown to shoot. D.J. was brought on board as a production assistant and quickly worked his way into the position of production designer with his art background and wild work ethic. Poultrygeist now stands out as Troma's highest quality film, visually, to date.


Before moving to Hollywood, he opted to travel in a minivan for a year and a half with his dog, Belle. They toured the country, couch crashing, seeking every new experience they could to gain more perspective and experiences for his writing. 


Upon arrival to Los Angeles after his trek, he became part of the Hollywood production artist scene. He has production designed, art directed, concept illustrated, storyboarded, character designed, and created distribution graphics for all forms of media including film, television, print, and web content for both organizations and private hire.


With an interest in producing, he took on as many production departments as he could, learning hands-on nearly every position in the film making process on both mega-million dollar studio features and low budget independents. He's even done stunt work; precision driving, stunt doubling and full body fire burns! Stating, "It all adds up to a well rounded and knowledgeable producer. Plus it's all super fun."

D.J. also served for five years as Coordinator to thesis productions at the prestigious, American Film Institute (AFI) where he helped guide future producers through their movie making education in order to receive their Masters of Fine Arts degrees. 

He has since, written & directed the award nominated and audience favorite, Zombie Santa Claus web series, "Santa Preys for X-mas" which is currently being developed into a feature film under new title, and has recently finished adapting a popular book series from the late 80s and early 90s that he hopes to announce soon, along with a secret exposé documentary he produced with a 2020 release.


D.J. can always be found writing a new children's book in between projects and has a number of television shows and feature films in development with his production company, Modemzero Studios.


In addition to the entertainment scene, D.J. spends much of his spare time involved in the L.A. community through his social group, the Randos. A group that inspires others to seek out all of the fun to be had in LA. by coordinating and promoting events in the area drawing large social circles together with the goal of unity in community.


He also really loves dogs, dancing and long naked walks on the beach.



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